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19–24 November 2019
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Tiziano Spadavecchia

Label Owner & Resident DJ & MC / Antistandard Recs (IT)

 Tiziano Spadavecchia

Antistandard Recs is a digital label by Think’d (rhymes writer / dj / vinyl lover / freelance audioengineer, part of Elita Milano and now technical manager of the Music Rooms and the La Capsula project in Milan), and Matteo Bellomo (freelance photographer and light assistant) curator of all the release artworks, multimedia aspect that distinguishes the Antistandard project in its communication.
The label takes the name from his homonym record published in 2011; in Apulian underground (and not only) it received many reviews for the heavy and firm but various sounds, touching nice points of experimentation starting from the freestyle solos of various instruments played live, in accompaniment with classic hip hop beat and rap themes quite different and distant from the canons of those years. On the way of this concept, that starting from the A in the logo seen as arrows that look forward, Antistandard Recs want to try to enclose in his releases tracks coming outside the usual standards, like electronic music, soundscape, live band or something else. It starts with the first EP of the “Antitracks” series between breaks and grime, continues with the debut ambient / bass music of the Sicilian producer MOU and with the EP of the return of the crossover / post-hc band Backjumper; the second EP of the electronic producer Qzerty, the solo debut of the promising rapper Bruno BuG, and the roman producer Coral Mambo, between lo-fi and dreamy house to the maxi-single of RMTN and HashKey on their debut too, finally to the new KSW project which is said to consist of L O S C I and AAOL CRTD, but there are no official sources to confirm it. On November 20 forthcoming on the label the first Italian grime album by Yodaman, available in pre-order.

No standards is our mentality.

Wish to meet Artists, Social media managers, etc.

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Tiziano Spadavecchia

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