Milano Music Week
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19–24 November 2019
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Pablo Del Bosco

Director of Partnerships and Business Development / MUTEK (CA)

Pablo Del Bosco

Born and raised in Latin America, Pablo (aka PoLee) has lived more than 20 years in Buenos Aires where he studied Economy, Art History and Social Communications with a degree in Advertising. He was editor of El Planeta Urbano magazine and hosted a weekly radio show at Metro FM. Working with alternative venue Niceto Club he started producing MUTEK related events in 2005. He continued developing projects linked to the festival and network on the side of his occupations as Creative Interactive Producer for +castro innovation and Sake Argentina, or Creative Director of Squad Mexico City, until he became full time Co-Director of MUTEK.MX. In 2018 he moved to Montreal to join the MUTEK headquarters.

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Pablo Del Bosco

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