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19–24 November 2019
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Ilya Bortnyuk

CEO / General Manager / Light Music Promoting Company (RU)

Ilya Bortnyuk

From 1990 till now Ilya Bortnyuk used to be:

- an art-director of a music club,

- had his personal radio show,

- a head of a music label, managed music projects,

- A&R Director on the local artists of the Russian major record company being represented by EMI, Virgin, Mute.

In 2001 Ilya Bortnyuk founded Light Music company, which has become one of the leading independent promoting companies in Russia. Being held by not a mass but a good taste, LM company has brought a majority of great artists and has organized the numerous concerts from small clubs to arenas. Among them: Kraftwerk, Dead Can Dance, PJ Harvey, Alt-Об Franz Ferdinand, and many others.

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Ilya Bortnyuk

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