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19–24 November 2019
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To label go-Dratta merely as an electronic music producer may seem somewhat reductive. In reality he studied Classical Piano at the Conservatory before venturing into the world of jazz, experiences which allowed him to realise the potential of music composition intertwined with improvisation. In 2012, he began delving into the world of electronic music, bringing with him a wealth of previous experience. All of this is reflected in go-Dratta’s music today, characterised by a new, more personal approach to electronica, capable of conjuring up his inner world of nuanced soundscapes that grab the attention of even the most demanding and sophisticated listener.
New Probe is the first long-playing album from go-Dratta, and his first record to be released on Futurissima, one which “absolutely deserves a listen” (Soundwall). Go-Dratta’s pieces are always born out of deep browsing through his personal music libraries, relying heavily on jazz-like improvisation, and filtered through something of a composer's approach, in charge of putting all the pieces together like a jigsaw puzzle. Mixing takes just as much time as composing, and the final result of this process is a polished, refined and yet powerful piece of electronica that is just as pop and danceable as it is experimental.

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