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19–24 November 2019
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Friday 22 November

Endlesss app presentation w/Tim Exile

17:00 - 17:15

BASE, musicROOMS / Anfiteatro



Endlesss is a virtual place where you can make and share music in the moment, solo or with friends

The core concept of Endlesss is “Rifffs”, which are short snippets of music with multiple layers that can be created using built-in or external instruments. Every time you add or remix layers a new Rifff is created. Rifffs can be shared live with friends in a jam.

Tim Exile and his team have been working on Endlesss over the last 3 years, as he asserts: “Our goal is to build a fun, spontaneous, collaborative music-making tool. We want to turn music-making into a conversation that everyone can take part in, wherever, whenever”.

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Friday 22 November