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19–24 November 2019
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Viva Viva Malagiunta

Viva Viva Malagiunta

Viva Viva Malagiunta came into being when two DJ/producers, FiloQ (Filippo Quaglia) and Mr.Paquiano (Nahuel Martínez), joined forces. FiloQ hails from the backstreets of Genoa, while Mr.Paquiano is a Buenos Aires native. Together they chart a course towards a new imaginary Boca made up of ancestral, folkloric sounds in the South American tradition, layered with the beats and low frequencies of western club culture.
The sound is a layered one, sometimes mental, sometimes physical, the brainchild of the two producers’ different experiences and paths: FiloQ, the producer and DJ behind the sound of crossbreed acts like Magellano and Uhuru Republic, has collaborated with various artists including Mudimbi, Almamegretta, Gnu Quartet and many more.
Mr.Paquiano is the new kid in class. His as-yet short music career is belied by a deep understanding of South American music, its historic evolution and its social instillation. A composer almost by intuition, his music selections set out to pull you in, with a deliberately messy, chaotic and even flashy approach.

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Viva Viva Malagiunta

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