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19–24 November 2019
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TENGGER (formerly ’10’) is an electronic psychedelic musical duo based in Japan and South Korea that has toured extensively in Asia, Europe, and the USA. The natures of abroad have lead them to consider the environment more carefully, so they finally changed their name to TENGGER (in Mongolian it means huge, infinite sky while in Hungarian it means big, infinite ocean). TENGGER are coming back to Europe again. It is a traveling musical family, made up of Pan-Asian couple, Itta and Marqido, who create their brand of psychedelic New-Age drone magic through the use of harmonium, voice, and toy instruments (played by itta) and analog synths (played by Marqido). The duo originally started out with the moniker “10” but since the birth of their son RAAI (who joins them on tour and often on stage) in 2012, have called themselves TENGGER (meaning “unlimited expanse of sky” in Mongolian) to mark the expansion of the family.

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