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19–24 November 2019
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Olmo Mathilda

Olmo Mathilda

Olmo Mathilda are both Italian and British musicians, Olmo a.k.a. Francesco Lo Giudice and Mathilda, her childhood friend Frank Dillane, who are otherwise known as British actors with a dramatic touch.
Olmo has been living between the London and Berlin music scene for some time now, mostly with band and different collaborators. After a classical music education and years as an electro producer, he has returned to analog, acoustic and rather off-screen sounds, ones which nevertheless always have the song in the middle.
Together, they released their debut album in early 2019 to break the bridge between modern indie folk and theatre / popular music of the first half of the 20th century.
‘Hiroshima Tarantula’ was recorded over 4 years on a laptop and multiple studios in England and Berlin. It is a collaboration between two unique songwriters and childhood friends Frank Dillane and Francesco Lo Giudice. The two wrote and produced each song and performed them along with 23 friends and collaborators.

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Olmo Mathilda

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