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19–24 November 2019
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No Label

No Label

No Label is the musical alter ego of Carlo Megighian (Padua, 1 November 1999), producer, composer and Italian multi-instrumentalist.
He found music relatively late, when at secondary school he started learning to play classical and acoustic guitar, before going on to teach himself bass and piano.
In 2013 he founded the band Animal Farm and started writing his own music.
In 2017, after the band went their separate ways, he made his first foray into the world of electronic music and started producing, making a name for himself on the hip hop scene and beyond.
No Label’s music is wide-ranging and in constant evolution, taking inspiration from a wide variety of sounds, from contemporary hip hop to avant-pop, by way of ’70s prog and jazz.
His first solo album is due to drop at the end of 2019 on the Pluggers label.

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No Label

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