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19–24 November 2019
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Lulu Schmidt

Lulu Schmidt

Lulu Schmidt is a one-woman-orchestra who uses a range of instruments: vocals, piano, violin, electronic, and interactive sensors and wearable technology. She builds musical bridges from classical to electronic and pop, to shredding noise. Her unification of many styles and influences explains why Lulu is not only on the radio and performing in clubs, but also appearing in museums and artistic contexts.
Lulu Schmidt has recently been described as one of the most exciting contemporary Austrian artists. She loves to play with roles, break them, and bring them to the stage as a "one woman show"; with a mixture of performance art, casual music, and a lot of talent. In her frequent public appearances, she plays every instrument herself. In the sensationally funny and scurrilous video for Fire (director: Rupert Höller), she lives out the joy of the eccentric. Body image, gender, and the “star cult” are deconstructed in an entertaining way.

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Lulu Schmidt

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